Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Photography photoshop lesson

So in photography we are learning pretty basic layer merging and colour editing. As we have learned all this in our previous photoshop class, it was all easy for everyone to do.
We had to take a black&white picture of maralyn monroe and add colour to it, using saturation tool it was easy.. we then had to add a gradient to it with to colours. We then had to take two black&white pictures; one of clouds and one of a church. We merged the two together to make a pretty depressing black&white picture. For a further task we would have to add a third colour to these pictures.
Thats it basically, I want to go back in the darkroom..

Friday, 15 October 2010

How Hip-Hop Music Videos Have Changed over time (1984 – 2008) - ppt presentation

     New project. make a presentation on music videos, artwork or other medias. I didn't have an idea at all and wasted the first few lessons on doing nothing or being 'ill'. Now I have decided how hip-hop music promos have changed over time: from the origins (live shows and poverty), and gangsta (selling drugs to make money), east and west coast rap and modern rap/hip-hop (more music based than actual lyrics based).

     At the moment i have 1½ slides.. everyone else has about 7 or 8.. AND there is no way I can get my presentation home because emails aren't working and I don't have a memory stick or anything so I have to start all over again basically which will take forever, along with all the maths revision and past papers I have to do.

     I'll update on monday, I doubt anyone can be bothered to blog what work they are doing on a Friday..

Skills IV

     so, i've lost my storyboards completely and have to re do them, fair enough.. so i will upload them soon, like in the next week.

     Apparently, I have followed the 'rules of film' in this project; making sure that the camera goes where the character goes in a sequence to make it look like an actual chase rather than the same shot over and over (which is what I didn't want to happen) so I am happy about that.

     Like I said, I'll upload the storyboards soon..

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Skills III

4663877.jpg                                                                                  Just to go back on the processes I used, I found this on the internet, a board of camera shots styled by what can only be describes as Dennis the Menace. I thought would be useful so I printed it, and also some blank storyboards ( which are great. I drew up my ideas at once, I got about two thirds of the video down but when I went out to film I didn't have it finished so a third of the shots were 'off the top of my head', with help from the Beano camera shots printout.

     There was one shot which I wanted to do, I have always wanted to do it, even today, but I don't know how.. and even what it is  called. The scene from Jaws when Brody is sat on the beach, sees the the dorsal fin of the shark (which in real life you would see the caudal fin because it is longer than the dorsal) and his reaction is horrific. The way they filmed it (or edited) the shot where the character moves towards the camera and the background moves away. I couldn't find this anywhere so I gave up completely and just used the shots on the chart.

     Making storyboards can often be difficult, its hard to get your ideas, your view to the cast or crew of the video. Online for example, one camera shot could have 100 different names and abbreviations.

     - Because it was a high speed 'chase' kind of video, I did alot of panning around as the actor ran past the camera, mostly at eye level, low or worm's eye. I wanted one scene to be a bird's eye from this epic balcony with stairs down an alleyway, however it was 'blocked' by alot of boxes and wheely bins. 

     ONE or two problems with the filming, I did alot of 'he run's past the camera' so.. not edited properly it would like he ran towards the camera then away from it, but the next shot was the same so it would be like he wasn't moving very far.

More storyboards and other technical stuff to come.

Twitter me

Skills II

Blogger reminds me of Frogger.. but blogger is significantly easier.

     I continued to look at sqaurepusher and already my mind was festooned with ideas. Although not being a very up tempo song, I thought that it would work well with a quick video, such as: a party happening, lots of people dancing, a man being chased or running away from something.

     I had my mind set on 'man running' for a video so I acquired a camera and tripod for a weekend (which are a mission to carry about). I went out that weekend at 04:30AM in hopes of the town to be empty whilst it is getting light. It turns out in the Autumn months the sun rises later so I had to wait around until seven. I filmed my mate running through Penzance, started in town and ending up on the seafront. I had the idea that you know he is running away from something but you don't know who or what.

     I'm pretty sure everyone has the vision that their first films will be masterpieces; I was the same.
I found this to wrong ofcourse. It wasn't until I started editing that the piece finally came together with the music because I had no idea how the video would work with the music, luckily the two juxtaposed into a nice slow track with a fast video. Still, it wasn't what I'd hoped.

     I was never too worried about the video, no one was; it was just an exercise to get to grips with final cut and using the cameras. So, everyone worked out that logic pro and final cut pro are pretty much the same software for different medias.. so it was pretty easy to capture and cut the film.
     I made this just cut and join with the video, not using any transitions or effects. A few of the shots are quite blocked out by sunlight because i only found out later how to adjust the lens and couldn't film again. So I should have used a filter on them, anyway I will upload a youtube/vimeo link if I ever upload it.

Stay beautiful blogger.


Creating a music Video for Squarepusher's "My Red Hot Car"

     I knew straight away, out of the four tracks which one I would choose. Though the selection wasn't great, Squarepusher was an obvious stand out; although, I did kind of want the Hip-Hop track but it seemed to challenging. 
     We were told to listen to the track and write down any emotions or ideas we had whilst listening, my mind was emptier than the water in Jaws, however i started to research the artist for inspiration.

This is an image i found on google, it is an album cover with a headshot of himself (left, obviously). At first he looked to me like a cross between Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) and the guy from youtube who took a picture of himself every day for six years ( The other picture I found (right) is him in a straight jacket and sat (looking uncomfortable) in a wheelchair. I thought this one best expressed his music. I then went and wiki'd him, ( obviously, wikipedia, although having alot of information, isn't always true - so I went to his website instead ( This had reviews from newspapers and magazines, live tour dates, his discography and videos of his work. I didn't want to look at the other videos because I didn't want my video to be like all his, instead I went to youtube to get a range os 'inspiration'.