Friday, 15 October 2010

How Hip-Hop Music Videos Have Changed over time (1984 – 2008) - ppt presentation

     New project. make a presentation on music videos, artwork or other medias. I didn't have an idea at all and wasted the first few lessons on doing nothing or being 'ill'. Now I have decided how hip-hop music promos have changed over time: from the origins (live shows and poverty), and gangsta (selling drugs to make money), east and west coast rap and modern rap/hip-hop (more music based than actual lyrics based).

     At the moment i have 1½ slides.. everyone else has about 7 or 8.. AND there is no way I can get my presentation home because emails aren't working and I don't have a memory stick or anything so I have to start all over again basically which will take forever, along with all the maths revision and past papers I have to do.

     I'll update on monday, I doubt anyone can be bothered to blog what work they are doing on a Friday..

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