Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Skills II

Blogger reminds me of Frogger.. but blogger is significantly easier.

     I continued to look at sqaurepusher and already my mind was festooned with ideas. Although not being a very up tempo song, I thought that it would work well with a quick video, such as: a party happening, lots of people dancing, a man being chased or running away from something.

     I had my mind set on 'man running' for a video so I acquired a camera and tripod for a weekend (which are a mission to carry about). I went out that weekend at 04:30AM in hopes of the town to be empty whilst it is getting light. It turns out in the Autumn months the sun rises later so I had to wait around until seven. I filmed my mate running through Penzance, started in town and ending up on the seafront. I had the idea that you know he is running away from something but you don't know who or what.

     I'm pretty sure everyone has the vision that their first films will be masterpieces; I was the same.
I found this to wrong ofcourse. It wasn't until I started editing that the piece finally came together with the music because I had no idea how the video would work with the music, luckily the two juxtaposed into a nice slow track with a fast video. Still, it wasn't what I'd hoped.

     I was never too worried about the video, no one was; it was just an exercise to get to grips with final cut and using the cameras. So, everyone worked out that logic pro and final cut pro are pretty much the same software for different medias.. so it was pretty easy to capture and cut the film.
     I made this just cut and join with the video, not using any transitions or effects. A few of the shots are quite blocked out by sunlight because i only found out later how to adjust the lens and couldn't film again. So I should have used a filter on them, anyway I will upload a youtube/vimeo link if I ever upload it.

Stay beautiful blogger.

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