Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Skills III

4663877.jpg                                                                                  Just to go back on the processes I used, I found this on the internet, a board of camera shots styled by what can only be describes as Dennis the Menace. I thought would be useful so I printed it, and also some blank storyboards ( which are great. I drew up my ideas at once, I got about two thirds of the video down but when I went out to film I didn't have it finished so a third of the shots were 'off the top of my head', with help from the Beano camera shots printout.

     There was one shot which I wanted to do, I have always wanted to do it, even today, but I don't know how.. and even what it is  called. The scene from Jaws when Brody is sat on the beach, sees the the dorsal fin of the shark (which in real life you would see the caudal fin because it is longer than the dorsal) and his reaction is horrific. The way they filmed it (or edited) the shot where the character moves towards the camera and the background moves away. I couldn't find this anywhere so I gave up completely and just used the shots on the chart.

     Making storyboards can often be difficult, its hard to get your ideas, your view to the cast or crew of the video. Online for example, one camera shot could have 100 different names and abbreviations.

     - Because it was a high speed 'chase' kind of video, I did alot of panning around as the actor ran past the camera, mostly at eye level, low or worm's eye. I wanted one scene to be a bird's eye from this epic balcony with stairs down an alleyway, however it was 'blocked' by alot of boxes and wheely bins. 

     ONE or two problems with the filming, I did alot of 'he run's past the camera' so.. not edited properly it would like he ran towards the camera then away from it, but the next shot was the same so it would be like he wasn't moving very far.

More storyboards and other technical stuff to come.

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