Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Creating a music Video for Squarepusher's "My Red Hot Car"

     I knew straight away, out of the four tracks which one I would choose. Though the selection wasn't great, Squarepusher was an obvious stand out; although, I did kind of want the Hip-Hop track but it seemed to challenging. 
     We were told to listen to the track and write down any emotions or ideas we had whilst listening, my mind was emptier than the water in Jaws, however i started to research the artist for inspiration.

This is an image i found on google, it is an album cover with a headshot of himself (left, obviously). At first he looked to me like a cross between Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) and the guy from youtube who took a picture of himself every day for six years ( The other picture I found (right) is him in a straight jacket and sat (looking uncomfortable) in a wheelchair. I thought this one best expressed his music. I then went and wiki'd him, ( obviously, wikipedia, although having alot of information, isn't always true - so I went to his website instead ( This had reviews from newspapers and magazines, live tour dates, his discography and videos of his work. I didn't want to look at the other videos because I didn't want my video to be like all his, instead I went to youtube to get a range os 'inspiration'.


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